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Our team of seasoned legal experts specialise in criminal defense and Interpol matters. We are dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of our clients worldwide. 

Interpol, the international law enforcement organization, deals with transnational crime and fugitive tracking. Our firm is equipped to handle legal matters related to Interpol, including extradition, international warrants, and cooperation with law enforcement agencies across borders. We work to protect your rights and interests in complex international cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interpol, short for the International Criminal Police Organization, is an international organization that facilitates cooperation between law enforcement agencies worldwide. The UAE is a member of Interpol, and its law enforcement agencies collaborate with Interpol on various matters, such as tracking down fugitives and sharing information on criminal activities.

Yes, UAE citizens can seek assistance from Interpol through their local law enforcement agencies to locate missing persons, especially in cases where the disappearance has international implications. Interpol can issue “Missing Persons Notices” to help locate individuals across borders.

To report an international criminal case or request Interpol’s assistance in the UAE, you should contact the UAE’s designated National Central Bureau (NCB). The NCB serves as the liaison between Interpol and the UAE’s law enforcement agencies.

Interpol can assist with a wide range of criminal cases in the UAE, including but not limited to extradition requests, locating and apprehending fugitives, counter-terrorism efforts, and combating transnational organized crime.

Interpol can issue “Red Notices” at the request of member countries, including the UAE, to alert law enforcement agencies worldwide about fugitives wanted for extradition. A Red Notice is not an international arrest warrant but serves as a request for the location and provisional arrest of the individual pending extradition.

Yes, Interpol can assist in locating stolen property or recovering assets in international cases. It can issue “Stolen Property Notices” and facilitate cooperation among member countries’ law enforcement agencies to track down and recover stolen assets.

Interpol operates under strict guidelines and principles, including respecting the sovereignty of member countries. While Interpol can assist in international criminal cases, the ultimate decisions and actions in each case are subject to the laws and regulations of the UAE.

Yes, Interpol plays a role in international cybercrime investigations and helps member countries, including the UAE, combat cyber threats by facilitating information sharing and collaboration among law enforcement agencies.

The response time for Interpol’s assistance can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the urgency of the request. Interpol aims to process requests as quickly as possible while ensuring that proper procedures are followed.


Interpol Lawyers in Dubai

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