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Construction and related litigation/arbitration

We, at NYK Law Firm, help with the economic growth that results from construction and development. Our in-depth knowledge of applicable rules and regulations would undoubtedly come in helpful when our clients in the field need our support in developing realistic solutions. Our expertise in Dispute Resolution enables us to offer the aid of our qualified professionals in the aforementioned fields.

Be it reviewing/drafting, negotiating or dealing in matters pertaining to procurement, our construction law experts are highly skilled in providing feasible strategies and solutions considering the best interest of the client.

We assist clients with contract negotiations, supplier agreements, project management, and dispute resolution. Our construction legal practice includes representation of consulting firms and negotiation advice for HVAC contractors and subcontractors. We assist clients in legal issues regarding commercial and residential development projects involving construction contracts, contractual billing claims, variations, and potential errors and delays.

Hot topics that may arise in construction

International construction contracts address the most common problems and allocate standard risks accordingly. The common law distinguishes between such completion of work which allows the work to be used for an agreed purpose (substantial completion) and whole fulfilment of the contractual obligations (performance).

First among these is the Building Act 1984 and its associated regulations. The Building Act 1984 is the primary legislation. Its stated purpose is to “secure the health, safety, welfare and convenience of persons in or about buildings and of others who may be affected by buildings or matters connected with buildings”.

Both public and private construction projects are governed by contractual obligations, state law, and often times federal law and ordinances. … Because of this, there are many terms which are binding on construction companies, as well as the individual, entity, or government agency.

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