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At NYK Law Firm we assist our clients with matters relating to insurance claims and compensation, Reviewing Insurance policies, subrogation letters, forms etc. Our team of expert lawyers who excel in understanding licensing and compliance, insurance litigation, salvage and indemnity, and insurance coverage help our clients and benefit them by making complex transactions easy for them to comprehend.

However, such dealings are intricate by their very nature and need extensive expertise. Our experienced attorneys are ready to offer their services and help clients through these critical procedures. As a law firm, protecting our client’s best interests and ensuring they reap the benefits of our knowledge and experience is our top priority.

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Mohamed Said

📩 mohamed@nyklawfirm.com

Vaisak Unnikrishnan

Senior Associate
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We use our knowledge and experience to provide a complete legal service to clients in our core sectors.

Our 12 offices around the globe are always open for you. Our legal professionals work hand to hand to ensure we efficiently cover legal inquiries across our practice zones. Thank you for your interest in NYK Law Firm.

    Your legal expertise, advice and opinion in the laws relating to Intellectual Property and Cyber laws helped us to have a solid foundation in starting the business. We genuinely appreciate your services and professionalism.
    C M Matthew
    (LogisEye Solutions FZCO)

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    A personalized treatment for each case

    Some cases may look alike but not always to the details. We always make sure we understand our clients to the nearest detail so we can provide optimal support. We take your issue and transform it to an opportunity so you make full profit from it.


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    Our experience and expertise permits us to understand your issue faster.


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    Details focused, we bring out a strategy for best possible result.


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    We follow-up the case closely, keeping you aware of it evolution.