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We at NYK Law Firm are experts in real estate practise, and our real estate lawyers have a deep and broad understanding of real estate fundamentals, and we represent a wide range of clients in all sectors of the said industry, including representation of purchasers and sellers at various levels.

Our expertise includes real estate disputes pertaining to Sale and Purchase Agreements (SPA) (with special emphasis on delay, handover issues, compensation for breach of contract etc.), reviewing and drafting Sale and Purchase Agreements/Long-term Lease Agreements (including Musataha Agreements), real estate financing and restructuring, mortgage, auction, acquisitions, and dispositions etc. We are also well equipped in conducting exhaustive due diligence on high-value real estate transactions.

We also have expertise in handling maintenance and service-related issues, including, but not limited to facility management disputes, service-charge related matters, maintenance issues, and are well aware of the Jointly Owned Property Regulations.


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Mohamed Said

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real estate lawyer dubai,real estate lawyer,nyk law firm,property lawyers near me,property law

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