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Nasser Yousuf Al Khamis Lawyers and Legal Consultants is a premium UAE-based full-service law firm with the best local advocates and international legal consultants having vast experience in dispute resolution in the UAE courts, and corporate and commercial transactional services. The firm has an exceptional track record of providing high-quality work and achieving the most optimum results possible for business and individual clients.

NYK has continued to build its reputation by providing high quality, innovative and practical legal solutions in all the practice areas for our regional and international clients in all kinds of matters including dispute resolution, corporate and commercial, banking and finance, real estate and construction, labor and employment, arbitration, intellectual property, telecommunications, free zone and offshore law.

As a full-service law firm, you can rely on a wide range of legal specialists with the expertise to assist your business, whether it’s a company or individual clients. At Nasser Al Khamis, we understand the importance of knowing the industries our clients operate in. By recognizing the issues faced by different sectors, we can adapt our legal services to effectively meet your needs.

NYKs’ focus is to develop long term and trusting relationships with our clients, through integrity and principles of honesty, accountability and consistency. NYK strives to maintain a healthy relationship with each client, and understands the client perspective- the need for responsive legal advice, expertise, creativity and value.



Apart from our specialized litigation services, we provide comprehensive general legal representation before all levels of courts, committees and other forums in the UAE.

Our team has phenomenal records in litigation. We handle disputes in a wide variety of sectors including Commercial Law, Employment Law, Banking, Transport, Insurance, Construction, Intellectual Property Law and various Criminal Cases. Our law firm has a strong international client base and we have handled cases for various well-known companies in the UAE. As a firm, we value cordial relations with clients, adhering to high standards of ethics and integrity, delivering efficient and cost-effective legal services on time, both locally as well as globally.

We handle a great deal of commercial cases, and concentrate on major areas of law. We are specialized and have expertise in handling various types of commercial cases, and have specialized knowledge in corporate and commercial law. Our well-integrated team has developed the skills to furnish efficiency in commercial law and representation before the Courts. Our thorough expertise along with our versatile approach offers realistic legal solutions to our clients.

We have adequate experience in dealing with all kinds of civil cases, and our reputation and credibility in the legal sphere is well acknowledged and recognized. Our ability to navigate and provide the right strategy for each case is ideal in framing and formulating solutions for our Clients. Our knowledge of the laws and the procedures of the judicial system in the UAE has helped us in achieving great success. We handle and have expertise in handling all kinds of Civil matters including but not limited to Contractual disputes, personal rights and obligations, financial claims etc.

We strive to provide quick and pragmatic solutions to clients and try to overcome any legal barrier that may arise during criminal proceeding. From situations regarding dishonor of cheques, medical negligence to other criminal cases, we ensure that our clients are a priority. Our broad and wide experience within the courts and an in-depth knowledge of the laws and regulations helps and supports our clients in all aspects of criminal proceedings including assistance in police stations, public prosecution and Courts of various Jurisdictions. We can help you in filing and defending the criminal cases and performing all other works incidental to such matters.

Our dedicated criminal law practice ensures that the rights of our clients are protected and that they are afforded the best possible defense. We also institute appropriate criminal proceedings on behalf of our clients to ensure that their interests are protected. Our major representations include aggrieved parties in fraud proceedings and multiple clients in cheque dishonor cases.

Our team of bilingual lawyers has experience and exerts high degree of care in family matters such as divorce, custodial rights, maintenance etc. We deal with all kinds of family matters and our aim in this field is to assist and provide in-depth bespoke legal services and advices. We also handle cases as per the Indian laws and have expertise in Federal Law No. 28 of 2005 concerning the Personal Status Law.

Our team of bilingual lawyers has experience and exerts high degree of care in family matters such as divorce, custodial rights, maintenance etc. We deal with all kinds of family matters and our aim in this field is to assist and provide in-depth bespoke legal services and advices. We also handle cases as per the Indian laws and have expertise in Federal Law No. 28 of 2005 concerning the Personal Status Law.

We handle and have expertise in dealing with Labor matters before all the adjudicating, judicial authorities. Our technical knowledge and combined practical know-how and experience ensures and enables us to provide the most apt advice on matters pertaining to UAE Labor law, its scope and applicability.
Amongst others, we have represented a group of employees in labor disputes pertaining to unpaid wages, represented employers in labor disputes, advised on industry specific labor procedures on matters including employee confidentiality and ownership of intellectual property and negotiated settlements for amicable resolution of disputes.

Our team is also highly proficient in proceeding with Execution of the decisions. We assist and have the skill and competence in representing the Client in the execution of Judgments from the various judicial bodies and Arbitration awards. We handle and have in-depth understanding on proceeding with various methods of executions including but not limited to freezing of bank accounts, blocking of trade license, seizing the assets etc.

Apart from the above mentioned, our extent of litigation also covers endowment (Waqf) matters.

Nasser Al Khamis Lawyers and Legal Consultants has comprehensive experience involving Alternate Dispute Resolution, from representing clients in complex commercial arbitration proceedings to facilitating enforcement, execution and objection of foreign arbitral awards in the UAE. It is engaged in major arbitrations both at domestic as well international level. We assist our clients with alternate dispute resolution in the areas of corporate, commercial and civil disputes. Significant matters include advising a local logistics company on a maritime arbitration conducted before the London Maritime Arbitrators Association, assisting with a sub-contracting arbitration before the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce and advising on enforcement of a foreign arbitral award in the UAE.

Nasser Al Khamis Lawyers and Legal Consultants has worked closely with both corporate and individual clients in the field of banking and finance advisory. Our team is specialized in providing niche services in trade finance, cross-border funding, fund structuring, finance documentation and ancillary advisory services. We also advise on debt restructuring and insolvency related litigation. Recent projects include advising a large Indian jewelry manufacturer on a Murabaha facility and provided legal opinion on corresponding corporate guarantee, assisting in establishment of an escrow account for business acquisition and advising on local regulations pertaining to setting up and operating a money exchange.

Nasser Al Khamis Lawyers and Legal Consultants has extensive experience in structuring, advising and incorporation of companies in mainland, free zone and offshore jurisdictions in the UAE. Our services in this field cover the whole suite of services ranging from licensing, documentation, third-party approvals, due diligence, and operational advice. We also provide corporate compliance services with regards to statutory filing, paperwork and submissions. In additional to providing services to local partners, we also provide extensive support to international clients on foreign investment in the UAE.

Our experience in this respect include advising a number of foreign investors on modes of entering UAE in view of the applicable foreign investment laws and structuring their investment in UAE by deliberating on the procedure for incorporating a suitable legal structure, advising a prominent investment fund from India on the formation and structuring of a foodstuff manufacturing unit in the UAE, assisting a local hospitality company on franchising formalities, advising a Japanese spare parts manufacturer on distribution and agency regulations, advising and facilitating set up of a five-star luxury hotel by a prominent real estate developer, advising a foreign company holding investments in the hospitality industry on acquiring interest in a local company owning a leading chain of restaurants, assistance including conducting due diligence, structuring the transfer of equity interest and drafting and reviewing the transaction documents, advising a local technology start-up on operating procedures to ensure compliance, facilitating set up of a local medical facility by a foreign medical establishment and advising on and carrying out statutory filing before all relevant authorities, including free zone and mainland.

We assist our clients in personal estate planning by ensuring smooth passage of their wealth. We provide personalized will drafting services and other personal status advice.

We also provide advocacy services in sensitive and delicate family litigation with the aim of providing amicable settlement of disputes while at the same time protecting the interests of our clients. Our work here includes advising high net-worth individuals on succession procedures, drafting and legalizing wills before the Dubai Courts and representing clients in family related disputes before the Dubai Courts.

We provide assistance in various aspects of employment law. Our services range from drafting agreements including standard employment agreements and specialized internal HR agreements for highly niche industries, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations, to providing advice and support in employment related litigation.

We provide highly specialized representation in construction sector. We assist clients in negotiation of contracting agreements, supplier agreements, project management and dispute settlement. Our practice in construction law includes representing an engineering consultancy firm in a claim for unpaid dues, advising an HVAC contractor on sub-contractor negotiations and assisting in incorporation of a contracting company and facilitating relevant approvals from concerned authorities.

Nasser Al Khamis Lawyers and Legal Consultants provide legal services for all aspects of real estate acquisition, development, finance, ownership, leasing and operation. Nasser Al Khamis Lawyers and Legal Consultants has a large and active real estate practice and assists its clients in all types of real estate development, including shopping center, industrial, residential, hotel and downtown area development.

We provide assistance in planning the structure, as well as negotiation of complex real estate transactions, along with handling of legal analysis and documentation. We also provide legal representation in real estate disputes, including handover delay and unsatisfactory delivery. We have represented aggrieved real estate investors in delay of project handover, advised on acquisition of real estate property by foreign buyers, assisted in due diligence and title investigation of proposed property purchase and rafted documents ranging from sale agreements, sale deeds, joint development agreement and escrow agreements.

Nasser Al Khamis Lawyers and Legal Consultants acts as intellectual property agents and assists clients in filing and registration of their intellectual property (IPR) including trademark and patents. We also assist in maintenance of our clients’ IPR and their related transactions including licensing, assignment, and franchising documentation.

Recent projects include registration of a trademark of a five-star luxury hotel, facilitating a patent licensing transaction, including drafting of comprehensive agreements, advising a local technology start-up on protection of their proprietary data, including registering their intellectual property and advising a foreign crypto currency trader on local rules and regulations.

NYK provides expert services in the areas of Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics, Information technology, Intelligence Acquisition, Prophylactic Security, Design & Deployment of Security Systems, Planning & Strategy, Risk Assessment etc.  We assist our clients to discover digital evidence and empower customers to uncover the truth in cybercrime which can be presented in the court of law.

Services provided-

  • Advising on processing data domestically, complying with the regulatory requirements and the disclosure of processing to data subjects.
  • Advising on transfer of sensitive personal data within and outside the UAE.
  • Advise on Compliance programs, policies and conducting Legal Due Diligence.
  • Advise on Data security, data loss prevention, data breaches, and drafting of security breach policies.
  • Advise on investigations management, and Global data transfer management
  • Handling Cross- Border data flows
  • Reviewing and Monitoring the Whistle Blower Policy
  • Technology transactions
  • Drafting legally compliant agreements, consent forms, etc.
  • Advising on prosecutions and offences, and on actions by the regulators.


  • Handling cyber-crimes and frauds
  • Information Technology documentation and conducting negotiations
  • Expert legal opinion on digital crimes
  • International Cyber Fraud Remedy
  • Breach of Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Social Media Defamation Crimes
  • Cyber Bullying & Cyber Stalking
  • Payment Gateway Frauds
  • Digital Identity Frauds
  • Internet Banking Fraud
  • Phishing Attacks
  • ATM Card Skimming and Pin Capturing
  • Credit Card and Debit Card Frauds
  • Online Harassment
  • Online Defamation
  • Online Cheating
  • Mobile Phone and SMS crimes

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