Dr. Anup Gogna

Sr. Lead Partner, KB - New Delhi & NCR GuruGram, India

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    Dr. Anup Gogna is a Strategy, policy & planning expert with emphasis on the education and training environments. It also includes service allied sectors for creating a globalized perspective to methodology and delivery.

    He has worked for and with leading Education Organizations in India, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand and other parts of the world either at Senior Management positions or as an Advisor. He has been involved with the education and service industry for over thirty years and has created successful models of international projects, partnerships and venture initiatives including global alliances.
    He has headed big transnational projects in the education industry and led successful ventures in many countries around the globe. He is a critical thinker, policy trigger and change initiator in areas of experience and has been contributing to bringing about structural and operational changes in the education delivery and methodology domains globally.

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