Khalid Al Tigani Suliman

Senior Legal Advisor

Khalid Al Tigani Suliman

"Lawyers are operators of toll bridges that anyone in search of justice must pass."

Jane Bryant Quinn


    Khalid Al Tigani Suliman is a retired Honourable’ Judge with a distinguished career for over 29 years, commencing his journey in 1992 after graduating from Beirut Arab University in Alexandria, Egypt.

    Mr Khalid’s sharp and ambitious perspective has made him the torchbearer in the legal field, and his journey as a Judge truly shows his profound comprehension of legal knowledge. He has presided over 3000 cases in various jurisdictions, ranging from complex criminal litigation to labour, civil and commercial disputes.

    He had the opportunity to serve as board secretary and legal counsel in multiple prestigious companies, as well as a member of the board of directors of reputable organisations. He was also recognised as a legal advisor for Schneider in Sudan.

    Mr. Khalid’s achievements further portray his extraordinary brilliance and exceptional mark in the legal profession. He has been hailed as a “pioneer” in aviation law and an “expert arbitrator” in the arbitration centre of Sudan. His expertise in aviation law further distinguishes him as a preeminent figure in this specialised domain.

    His involvement in international arbitration cases shows his global reach; he attended two such cases in Netherlands and Budapest, emerging victorious with his unwavering commitment towards justice and equality.

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