Mohamed Said

Senior Legal Manger


Being a lawyer is not merely a vocation. It is a public trust, and each of us has an obligation to give back to our communities.

Janet Reno


    Mohamed Said specialises in commercial law, civil law, criminal law and labour law.

    An experienced legal professional with 24 years of experience behind him, Mohamed Said had already made a name for himself in the courts of Egypt, having worked on cases related to commercial law, civil law, criminal law and labour law.

    He soon made his mark in Dubai where he held a high position as a legal advisor in the Directorate of Water and Electricity before joining NYK Law Firm. He is the principal draftsman at the firm, wherein every Legal Arabic Memorandum is scrutinised by him. This has primarily enabled our Clients to get favourable Judgments.

    His experience in all kinds of legal issues has made him efficient in handling legal matters and those of commercial and personal status.

    Professional Memberships

    • Member of the Egyptian Bar Association.

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