Vaisak Unnikrishnan

Senior Associate

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"Law is experience developed by reason and applied continually to further experience."

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    Vaisaik Unnikrishnan holds a Bachelor of Laws from the Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies, India.

    He has specialised in Construction Law, Transport Law, Real Estate Law and Commercial Disputes.

    At NYK, Vaisak heads the Legal Operations, which enables him to oversee the work of the firm. His work involves drafting and vetting complex contracts, settlements and commercial agreements of all types including Share Sale and Purchase Agreements, complex fund management and Service Agreements, Insurance Contracts, Non-disclosure Agreements, Distribution agreements, Joint ventures Agreements, Leasing Contracts and Employment contracts.

    He is known to think out of the box while encountering challenging situations. He also has had the opportunity to attend various expert meetings and advised clients on various laws, beneficial to their interests, thus inclining the Judgment in their favour

    Vaisak has assisted Senior partners and represented clients in the Arbitration proceedings at the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) and Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

    Vaisak areas of interests’ range in Succession and Estate Planning, Commercial Company Law and Contracts Law.

    Professional Memberships

    • Member of the Bar Council of Kerala
    • Member of the Bar Council of India

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