Vinduja Vijayan


Vinduja is a data-oriented application designer and passionate AI/ML programmer. She went to Mahatma Gandhi University in India to get her B-Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering. She also holds a three-year diploma in Computer Engineering from the State Board of Technical Education in Kerala.

She has completed Advanced Python and Certified courses in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.She has done an Internship in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, during her internship, she honed Machine Learning and Deep Learning Skills such as Image processing, Text processing, Predictive Analysis, Data Mining, Computational Statistics, etc.

Vinduja also worked as a Python Tutor, where she assisted professionals in writing, developing, testing, and documenting their programming assignments and Projects.

She is a skilled leader who has demonstrated the capacity to inspire, instruct, and lead a team in the development of software programs and the efficient tracking of changes. She possesses solid knowledge of AI and Machine Learning concepts and algorithms.

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