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AML and Compliance Law

AML and Compliance Law

We offer assistance in understanding AML regulations, both domestically and globally. Our services aim to detect suspicious activities associated with illicit practices such as money laundering and terrorist financing, aiding businesses in the UAE to enhance their compliance with anti-money laundering laws and enabling them to concentrate on their primary business activities.


Our team comprises AML compliance consultants and technology experts, all dedicated to delivering high-quality AML/CFT compliance services in the UAE throughout your entire AML journey. Below is an overview of our AML regulatory compliance services available:

  • Development of AML/CFT policy documentation
  • AML training sessions
  • Annual AML/CFT Risk Assessment Report preparation
  • Establishment of in-house AML compliance departments
  • Conducting AML/CFT Health Checks
  • Business Risk Assessment services
  • Regulatory reporting assistance
  • KYC and Customer Due Diligence Services