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Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Our highly experienced corporate team possesses extensive expertise in drafting and negotiating contracts, reviewing standard form agreements, and advising on mergers and acquisition. We also handle a broad spectrum of legal and regulatory issues affecting businesses in the UAE. Complementing our advisory work, our skilled legal consultants are experts in conducting due diligence, with an uncompromising level of scrutiny and technical skill.


Corporate & Advisory
Our firm specialises in providing comprehensive corporate and advisory services tailored to businesses of varying sizes, from ambitious start-ups to established multinational corporations. We offer expert guidance on all aspects of corporate governance, helping our clients establish robust frameworks that enhance accountability and stakeholder confidence. Our services extend to advising on optimal entity formation, designing effective corporate structures, and guiding mergers and acquisitions to ensure seamless transitions and enhanced business value. In addition, we provide strategic planning and risk management strategies that align business goals with market opportunities, enabling our clients to confidently navigate even in volatile markets.

In today's complex legal and regulatory landscape, robust compliance strategies are more critical than ever. Our experienced team offers comprehensive services that help businesses navigate through multifaceted legal requirements with ease. From conducting thorough audits to implementing compliant practices, we ensure that our clients not only meet but exceed regulatory standards, thereby minimising risks and avoiding potential penalties.

Company Winding Up
Our expertise extends to supporting companies during the delicate process of winding up a company, whether voluntary or involuntary. We provide meticulous legal oversight throughout the dissolution process, from the initial decision to the final distribution of assets of the company. Our approach ensures that all legal requirements are met with precision, liabilities are settled, creditors are addressed, and the process concludes with minimal disruption. For companies facing involuntary winding up, we offer robust legal representation to manage claims, negotiate with creditors, and safeguard the interests of all stakeholders.

Business & Corporate Support
We provide a full array of legal services designed to support businesses throughout their lifecycle. From the foundational steps of business formation to the complex regulations governing mature corporate entities, our team is committed to ensuring that your business not only survives but thrives. We assist with day-to-day legal needs as well as more complex transactions and strategies, enabling businesses to capitalize on opportunities and navigate challenges in today's competitive environment.

Business disputes require a strategic and informed response, and our litigators are equipped to handle complex litigation across a variety of contexts, including contract disputes, shareholder disagreements, and tort claims. We not only represent our clients in court but also provide strategic advice to avoid litigation where possible, through conflict resolution techniques and negotiation. When litigation is unavoidable, we pursue it vigorously with a focus on achieving a favorable outcome while minimizing the impact on our clients' operations and reputation.

Business Structure
Selecting the right business structure is pivotal for success, influencing everything from day-to-day operations to long-term strategic flexibility. Our firm assists clients in choosing and forming the most appropriate company structure such as sole proprietorship, single owner limited liability company, limited liability companies (LLCs), and partnerships. We consider factors such as tax implications, liability protection, and operational complexity to recommend the best structure for each client’s unique needs.

Contracts form the backbone of commercial relationships, and our firm stands as a bulwark to protect our clients' interests through meticulous contract drafting, reviewing, and negotiation. We focus on crafting clear and enforceable agreements that prevent misunderstandings and legal disputes, ensuring smooth business operations and solid partnerships

Business Restructuring & Reorganisation
In the face of financial challenges or strategic pivots, our firm supports businesses through restructuring and reorganization processes. We advise on the best structures and strategies to preserve value, maintain operational continuity, and ensure legal compliance. Our team works closely with clients to implement effective restructuring plans that can include refinancing, renegotiating debts, or reorganizing corporate structures and operations. Our goal is to help businesses emerge from restructuring stronger and more focused on their core objectives.

Sponsorship Agreements
Our firm is adept at handling sponsorship agreements, which are essential for leveraging marketing opportunities while mitigating associated legal and business risks. We assist clients in carefully structuring and negotiating sponsorship deals to ensure that they align with their marketing objectives and broader business goals. This includes defining clear terms regarding the scope of the sponsorship, deliverables, duration, and financial commitments, as well as addressing any potential liabilities and exit strategies. By providing comprehensive legal oversight, we help clients maximize the benefits of these partnerships, ensuring that each agreement is not only compliant with relevant regulations but also strategically designed to enhance brand visibility and consumer engagement, thus protecting and promoting our clients' interests effectively in competitive markets.

Nominee & Trust Agreement
In the intricate world of business transactions, nominee and trust agreements are essential tools for confidentiality, efficiency, and strategic asset management. Our firm specialises in the careful drafting and negotiation of these agreements, ensuring they are robust and clear. We advise on the implications of these agreements, helping clients utilize them to facilitate transactions while maintaining control over their assets and complying with all relevant laws.