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Two decades of legal expertise: Empowering the future generations

Sunil Ambalavelil is a respected name in the UAE’S legal landscape

For Sunil Ambalavelil being a lawyer is not just a profession. It is a way of life. Protecting the rights of people and fighting for their justice is his life’s purpose.

Sunil Ambalavelil is a respected name in the UAE’S legal landscape. With over 20 years of experience in the legal field, Sunil has achieved several milestones. His humble steps have again brought him to yet another significant breakthrough that will be etched in golden letters.

Sunil Ambalavelil, Lead Partner, NYK Law Firm was awarded the ‘Inspiring Legal Falcon Award’ at the Lex Falcon Global Awards, Dubai 2023, hosted by Lex Talk World. This recognition depicts his consistent dedication and unwavering passion demonstrated throughout his impressive 20-year career in the legal field.

A born leader with a desire to help people in need, Sunil started his legal career. The journey was not smooth, he too faced hurdles. But what matters is his ability to rise above those hurdles and emerge victorious.

The profession has helped Sunil grow as an individual and a legal professional. For Sunil, 42 is not just a number. It is the fruit of his hard work, team spirit, and endless wins.

Sunil stands among the top lawyers in UAE. His areas of expertise encompass corporate and commercial law, construction law, and real estate law, making him a highly sought-after professional in these fields. He is the most trusted name for the people in UAE if they need any legal services.

“The fact that you can help somebody and provide them the right they are fighting for gives me the utmost joy. It fulfils my purpose as a lawyer,” says Sunil while talking about his motivation.

Adding another layer of joy to the celebration, NYK Law Firm was awarded the ‘Rising Law Firm of the Year, Dubai 2023’. This remarkable recognition further enhances the vibrancy of the celebration and acknowledges the firm's outstanding progress and excellence in legal services.

“It is the teamwork and dedication of our team that brought us here. This achievement is the result of a collective effort,” says Nasser Yousuf Al Khamis, Partner, NYK Law Firm.

NYK Law Firm is a renowned full-service law firm in Dubai. They have been setting new benchmarks, thus building its reputation of providing high-quality, innovative, and practical legal solutions.

While talking about his current position he says, “I believe in the power of team, rather than individuals. To secure successful outcomes, I bring together groups of people with the right mix of sector, product, and jurisdictional knowledge.”

He believes that its fate that made him meet Nasser, and the rest was history. Their friendship further turned into a partnership that laid the foundation for the firm’s success.

Nasser has a proven ability to see all angles of an issue and is well-versed with the local laws and regulations in the UAE about and ranging across endeavours such as Corporate, Commercial Transactions, Real Estate, and Labour, rendering him the perfect legal professional to see you through all aspects of your business.

“The confidence that my clients place in me with their lives demonstrates the impact I have had in the industry. Throughout my career graph as a lawyer to Lead Partner, each move has an impact,” adds Sunil.

With over 20 years of experience in the profession, he has created trust among the corporates and the common public. His eagerness to educate people on laws has inspired him to develop The Law Reporters (TLR), which is your one-stop destination for all legal and financial matters.

By providing the latest updates on legal developments globally, TLR is a transparent platform that disseminates information to the public. TLR bridges the gap between law and society. TLR intends to educate the expat community about common legal and financial knowledge. Inspired by Aristotle’s ‘’Ignorance of law excuses no one’’, TLR educates and informs the public on the nuances of legalities in the country. He intends to create a community where experts can come in and share their knowledge with the public.

It is a platform for the people. From law students to lawyers and financial experts, TLR is a fast-growing community that acts as a directory.

Apart from being a Member of the Karnataka Bar Council and a Member of the Supreme Court of India Bar Association. He is a Registered Legal Practitioner in the Dubai Government Legal Affairs Department, a Registered Legal Practitioner of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Courts, and a Registered DIFC Wills Draftsman. Additionally, he is a registered practitioner affiliated with Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM).

“It is a constant learning process. You learn new methods and unlearn traditional techniques. Nevertheless, every day is an achievement in a lawyer’s life,” concludes Sunil.