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Arbitration provides an efficient alternative to litigation, and our firm specializes in providing tailored arbitration services meticulously tailored to address the specific needs and complexities of each client's dispute. With our expertise, clients can efficiently resolve disputes while safeguarding their rights. Our expertise spans across various disciplines and sectors of law, appearing before multiple tribunals within and outside the UAE, including the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC), the Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Centre (ADCCAC), and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Arbitration Court.


Dispute Resolution
Our firm facilitates the resolution of conflicts through arbitration, employing a fair and impartial adjudicator to examine evidence and render decisions based on facts presented by both parties.

Cross-Border Arbitration
Navigating disputes involving parties from different nations requires expertise in international arbitration laws and conventions. We ensure a fair and impartial process in cross-border arbitration proceedings, adhering to international standards to protect the interests of all parties involved.

Pre-arbitration Consultation
Before formal arbitration proceedings commence, our firm offers expert legal counsel and guidance to parties involved, helping them understand their rights and obligations and explore potential avenues for resolution. This also involves meeting any pre-arbitration conditions as agreed between the parties in the arbitration agreement.

Arbitration in Construction & Engineering
Construction and engineering projects often encounter disputes over contracts, project delays, and work quality. Our specialised arbitration services address these issues, providing efficient resolution tailored to the unique complexities of construction and engineering projects.

Enforcement of Arbitration Awards
We ensure the enforcement of arbitration awards, compelling parties to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in the arbitration decision and upholding the integrity of the arbitration process.

Ad Hoc Arbitration
In addition to our proficiency in institutional arbitration, our firm excels in ad hoc arbitration. We provide bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of clients seeking flexible and efficient dispute resolution outside institutional frameworks. With our in-depth understanding of ad hoc arbitration procedures and best practices, we guide clients through the process with precision and expertise, ensuring fair and impartial resolutions that uphold their rights and interests.