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At NYK Law Firm, we understand that matters involving family law are inherently sensitive which is why our experienced attorneys provide solutions that fit your specific needs. Our highly experienced attorneys provide comprehensive insights into local customs and laws to ensure that every aspect of your family law case is managed with the utmost respect.


Divorce and Separation
Navigating the emotional and legal complexities of divorce requires proficient legal guidance. In these challenging moments, our attorneys provide strategic representation and compassionate advice to help protect your rights and assets. We understand the intricacies of divorce law, including the nuances of no-fault divorce under the Civil Personal Status law of the UAE, applicable to non-Muslims, as well as the Federal Personal Status Law of the UAE. This understanding allows us to navigate the legal landscape with precision, ensuring your rights are protected and your interests are advocated for effectively to suit your requirements.

Our firm provides comprehensive legal counsel and representation in guardianship matters, ensuring the best interests of minors or incapacitated individuals are protected. We guide clients through the process of establishing guardianship, addressing concerns related to care, custody, and decision-making authority, and advocating for solutions that prioritise the welfare of those under guardianship.

Child Custody and Support
In each custody and support matter, the best interests of the child is our utmost priority. Whether through negotiating agreements or pursuing legal action, we are committed to securing a supportive and stable environment for your children.

We assist clients in navigating visitation rights and schedules, advocating for fair and reasonable arrangements that prioritise the well-being of children and maintain parental relationships. Our team helps our clients understand their rights regarding visitation, assist with negotiating visitation agreements, and represents them in court to enforce or modify visitation orders as needed.

Restitution of Conjugal Rights
In cases involving the restitution of conjugal rights, we provide guidance and representation to clients seeking to understand their legal rights and obligations. We work to achieve resolutions that align with our clients' interests, whether through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, while ensuring that their rights are protected throughout the process.

Mutual Consent Divorce
With expertise in family law, we facilitate mutual consent divorces, guiding clients through the process with sensitivity and efficiency to achieve amicable resolutions. Our firm assists clients in drafting divorce agreements, navigating asset division and child custody arrangements, and finalising divorce proceedings in a manner that respects the mutual consent of both parties.

Marriage and Unions
Embark on your marital journey with confidence, supported by expert legal assistance. At NYK Law Firm, we're committed to establishing a strong legal foundation for your union. Allow us to handle the complexities of matrimonial legal matters, so you can concentrate on creating a fulfilling and joyful life together. We also assist in drafting of prenuptial or postnuptial agreement that can help you protect your assets and make clear financial expectations before or throughout marriage.