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Insurance Law

Insurance Law

Our seasoned team of insurance lawyers provide business-focused advice tailored to diverse needs in local markets and across multiple jurisdictions. Renowned for our commercial awareness and client-centred approach, we are sought after by a global clientele, including domestic and foreign insurance companies, for complex claims handling in the Middle East.


Filing Complaints Before the Central Bank
Our comprehensive suite of insurance services includes assisting clients in filing complaints before the Central Bank of the UAE (IA). We provide expert guidance and support throughout the complaint filing process, ensuring that our clients' concerns are effectively communicated and addressed by the appropriate regulatory authorities. From drafting complaints to representing clients in follow-up communications, we are committed to advocating for our clients' rights and interests in their interactions with regulatory bodies.

Health Insurance:
Our adept team offers consultation on the interpretation and review of insurance policies and contracts, addressing terms, conditions, coverage, exclusions, and parties' obligations. We assist clients in filing complaints, sending legal notices, and gathering supporting documentation to substantiate claims.

Marine and Cargo Insurance:
Navigating marine matters, our team aids clients in securing comprehensive insurance coverage for cargo. From carrier liability to cargo insurance, we ensure protection against loss, damage, or theft during transit, addressing various risks from natural disasters to vehicle accidents.

Motor Insurance
With a robust litigation division, we advocate for clients in motor insurance disputes across all judicial instances in Dubai and the wider UAE. Our support encompasses third-party liability insurance, safeguarding against claims for injuries or property damages brought forth by external parties.

Life Insurance:
Our proficient team facilitates the resolution of life insurance claims, ensuring financial protection for spouses and dependents in the event of the policyholder's demise. We assist in comprehending settlement proposals and retrieving compensation, including Blood Money.

Travel Insurance
We advise clients on issues and disputes arising during the claims process for travel insurance. From complex terms to filing complaints with insurance authorities, we safeguard clients' rights, resolve concerns, and secure favorable judgments.

Liability Insurance
Representing companies for liability insurance, our top lawyers assist in submitting claims, assessing coverage, evaluating damages, negotiating settlements, and resolving insurance-related disputes. We have aided numerous companies in recovering claims for various industries.