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Private Equity Law

At NYK Law firm, we specialize in providing strategic legal solutions that support and enhance the growth of private equity ventures. Our dedicated team leverages extensive legal expertise, a global presence, and deep industry connections to deliver exceptional service to our clients, from startups to established multinational corporations.


Establishing Corporate Venture Arms
We guide corporations in setting up their venture capital divisions, helping them navigate the legal intricacies of corporate venturing. This includes structuring the venture arms to align with the broader business strategies and operational frameworks of the parent company. Our legal support ensures that these ventures are set up efficiently and compliantly, allowing our clients to focus on strategic growth and innovation.

Strategic Investments and Joint Ventures
Our attorneys are skilled in advising on strategic investments and facilitating joint ventures. We assist clients in identifying and executing investment opportunities that align with their long-term objectives, ensuring that each transaction is structured to optimize returns and mitigate risks. Our expertise covers all stages of the investment cycle, from due diligence to transaction closing, and ongoing management.

Mergers and Acquisitions
We have a strong track record of guiding clients through complex mergers and acquisitions that are often pivotal to growth strategies in the venture capital space. Our team ensures that every aspect of the deal, from valuation and negotiation to due diligence and regulatory compliance, is handled meticulously to secure the best possible outcomes for our clients

Commercial Arrangements
We draft, negotiate, and review a wide range of commercial agreements essential to venture capital operations, including licensing agreements, distribution agreements, and supply contracts. Our approach is to create agreements that not only protect our clients’ legal interests but also support their operational and strategic goals.

Global Network and Market Intelligence
Leveraging our global presence, we connect clients with corporate venture capital funds worldwide and provide valuable market insights that inform strategic decision-making. Our firm helps clients build effective ecosystems for innovation, gain critical market intelligence, and develop a pipeline for potential acquisitions and partnerships.

Portfolio Company Management
Our comprehensive support extends to managing legal and business challenges across our clients’ portfolio companies. We provide ongoing legal advice tailored to the needs of high-growth companies, covering areas such as intellectual property rights, employment law, and regulatory compliance.

Risk Management and Compliance
In an ever-evolving regulatory environment, ensuring compliance and managing risks is paramount. We help our clients anticipate and adapt to regulatory changes, safeguarding their investments and maintaining their reputation in the market.