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Our adept aviation attorneys specialise in various aerospace and aviation laws, covering chartering, drones, financing, and insurance. With a focus on international aviation laws, we offer strategic solutions. Well-versed in industry technicalities and governmental regulations, we serve aircraft operators, owners, airlines, and insurance companies, providing guidance on transactions and disputes, including support for foreign law firms on local regulations and litigation.


Regulatory Compliance and Advisory
Ensuring compliance with aviation regulations and standards is paramount in the aerospace sector. Our team provides expert guidance on navigating complex regulatory frameworks, assisting clients in understanding and adhering to aviation laws and regulations to maintain operational compliance.

Aircraft Financing and Leasing
Facilitating aircraft financing and leasing transactions requires meticulous attention to detail and extensive industry knowledge, including wet lease and dry lease. We offer strategic counsel and legal support to clients involved in aircraft financing and leasing arrangements, guiding them through the process to secure favorable terms and mitigate risks.

Aviation Litigation and Dispute Resolution
In the event of disputes or legal challenges within the aviation industry, our firm provides robust representation and dispute resolution services. From contractual disputes to regulatory enforcement actions, we leverage our expertise to protect our clients' rights and interests in aviation-related legal proceedings.

Aircraft Purchase and Sale Agreements
Drafting and negotiating aircraft purchase and sale agreements demand precision and expertise. Our team assists clients in structuring and executing aircraft transactions, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and protecting their interests throughout the buying and selling process.

Aviation Insurance and Risk Management
Managing risks and securing adequate insurance coverage is essential for aviation businesses. We offer comprehensive legal support in navigating aviation insurance matters, helping clients assess risks, negotiate insurance policies, and resolve insurance disputes to safeguard their operations.