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In a rapidly advancing marketplace, Intellectual Property Law is crucial for protecting your innovation and creativity. At NYK Law Firm, our experienced team of attorneys understand the importance of securing your intellectual assets both within UAE and across international borders. We aim to offer all-encompassing legal support to aid our clients in realizing their business goals while securing their valuable media assets and intellectual property.


Intellectual Property Registration

Trademark Registration: Our team provides comprehensive guidance and assistance in the process of registering trademarks, both within the UAE and internationally. We are committed to helping you protect your brand globally by protecting your brand name, logo, or slogan to distinguish your product services from other players in the market.

Copyright Registration: We extend our expertise in providing advice and support for the registration of Copyrights, both within the confines of the UAE and on a global scale. Our endeavor is to allow creators to control the use of their art by establishing a public record of their ownership.

Patent Registration: Our experts help register your patents in the UAE and internationally to help you gain exclusive rights to your invention.

Design Registration: Additionally, we offer guidance and support for the registration of designs, ensuring your creative designs are legally protected against unauthorized use or reproduction. Our team assists you in navigating the design registration process, providing expert advice to safeguard your unique designs and innovations.

Dispute Resolution for Intellectual Property Matters

Trademark Infringement: When your trademark rights are violated, our expert lawyers step in to provide seamless legal representation. We handle trademark infringement litigations within the UAE and address cross-border disputes effectively. Our team meticulously examines the details of a case, advising on the most appropriate legal remedies available, including injunctive relief to halt unauthorized use and monetary damages to compensate for losses incurred. With our robust legal strategy, we aim to protect your brand's integrity and ensure that your trademark rights are vigorously defended.

Copyright Infringement: Our specialty services include defending copyright holders, and assisting in legal proceedings in the UAE and abroad. We help and assist the rightful copyright holder to claim legal rights and sue for damages upon infringement of Copyright. We further assist in seeking injunctions to stop the infringing activity, or even reclaim any profits made from the unauthorized use of their work.

Patent Infringement: We guide clients through legal actions involving infringement of patent rights, both within the UAE and internationally. Our skilled lawyers help file cease and desist letters and pursue necessary litigation to ensure appropriate compensation.

Piracy Protection: We help protect your intellectual property from unauthorized copying and distribution of music, film, software, and video games.

Intellectual Property Rights Documentation and Agreement Drafting

Creation of IP Manuals and Guidelines: We develop comprehensive guides that not only protect IP but also facilitate collaborations and partnerships.

Licensing and Franchising: We meticulously draft agreements that outline clear terms and conditions for a successful partnership between licensors and licensees

IP Acquisition: Our team works closely with clients to assess the value of intellectual property and develop strategies for its acquisition and legal protection.