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In the UAE, will, trust, and estate disputes are intricately woven into the region's legal fabric, shaped by its unique legal framework and cultural ethos. The country’s legal system incorporates elements of Sharia law alongside civil and common law principles, which leads to intricate legal scenarios in the realm of inheritance and estate distribution.

To address these challenges, expert legal counsel can help ease the complexities of estate planning, ensuring the legality of wills and trusts, and effective management of any arising disputes.


Succession and Inheritance Disputes
We navigate the complexities of inheritance and succession planning in the UAE, adhering to the guidelines of Federal Law No. 28/2005 for Muslims and Federal Decree-Law No. 41/2022 for non-Muslims. Our seasoned attorneys offer specialised guidance for both local and international clients, ensuring meticulous management of movable and immovable assets in accordance with these distinct legal frameworks of the UAE. With a focus on precision and sensitivity, we endeavor to streamline the succession process, represent clients in succession and inheritance related disputes, and ensure that your estate is protected and distributed with utmost efficiency and clarity.

Drafting a Will is a critical first step in ensuring the orderly transfer of assets to your chosen beneficiaries. We offer meticulous and comprehensive advice on drafting Wills that meet the stringent standards of the DIFC Wills and Probate Registry, as well as the Federal Courts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our approach ensures that your assets are protected and distributed according to your wishes, providing peace of mind and securing your legacy.
We have advised and assisted numerous clients in drafting, registering, and notarizing Wills for their assets located in the UAE and abroad.

UAE Foundations are alternative financial planning vehicles for wealth management and asset protection. The structure of a Foundation is designed to extend indefinitely, continuing its existence and purpose even beyond the lifetime of its founder, thereby ensuring the continuity and preservation of a lasting legacy.
Operating within the jurisdictions of the DIFC, ADGM, and RAK ICC, we offer a comprehensive array of services tailored to support the nuances of wealth management and preservation. Our expertise extends to family succession planning, tax planning, asset protection, and corporate structuring, ensuring a holistic approach to securing and managing your assets.
We have provided strategic guidance and support to Clients in the establishment of a Foundation across various jurisdictions. This involved the meticulous drafting of essential agreements and legal documentation requisite for the Foundation. Additionally, we facilitated seamless interactions by managing the filing, communication, and submission of forms and applications to pertinent regulatory bodies, streamlining the entire process of incorporating the Foundation.

Family Office
A Family Office is a privately held entity that provides sophisticated wealth and investment management services tailored to high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth families. In the UAE, the legal and regulatory landscape for setting up Family Offices is well-defined, with specific regulations in place within prominent free zones such as ADGM, DIFC, and DMCC. Each of these jurisdictions has tailored its regulations to address aspects like the definition of family members, minimum capital requirements, and compliance and reporting duties. Importantly, these zones offer significant fiscal benefits, as they do not levy corporate income or capital gains taxes on Family Offices. Additionally, they permit these offices to deliver a broad range of services, from asset and wealth management to the day-to-day management of accounting and legal affairs.

Our firm provides expert guidance and support to executors and beneficiaries, streamlining the administration of estates and ensuring the efficient distribution of assets in accordance with the law.