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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Our firm provides comprehensive strategies tailored to various criminal matters. With a commitment to professionalism and client-focused results, we ensure the best outcomes for our clients while upholding UAE's legal standards.

In a jurisdiction governed by a myriad of legislation, including Federal Law by Decree No. (31) of 2021 Promulgating the Crimes and Penalties Law, along with Federal Decree-Law No. 38 of 2022 on Criminal Procedure in the UAE, expertise and experience play a crucial role. Navigating the landscape of criminal laws demands seasoned counsel with years of practical experience.

Our team of legal professionals are here to guide you through the complexities of the UAE's criminal justice system, offering tailored solutions and steadfast support at every step of the way.


Drug & Alcohol Violations
Our firm offers robust defence strategies for individuals facing charges related to possession, use, or trafficking of controlled substances, as well as violations of alcohol regulations. In addition, our firm has a successful track record of assisting clients in overturning deportation orders stemming from these offenses. We provide strong defense strategies for individuals confronting charges related to the possession, use, or trafficking of controlled substances, as well as violations of alcohol regulations. Our goal is to achieve favorable outcomes while upholding discretion and adhering to the UAE's rigorous legal standards.
We offer legal representation for hit and run/ drink and drive offenses, which carry serious penalties in the UAE. Our approach involves detailed assessment of the incident, strategic defence planning, and negotiation to minimise the impact.

Financial Crime (White Collar Crimes)
Specialising in defending clients accused of white-collar crimes, including fraud, money laundering, and embezzlement, we provide comprehensive legal strategies to protect your reputation and minimize potential penalties.

White Collar Defense
Excelling in managing investigations and defending against accusations within the realm of white-collar crimes, providing expert defense strategies leveraging deep knowledge of both local and international law to protect professional interests.

Personal Injury
We handle personal injury claims and defend against assault charges, navigating UAE law intricacies. Our focus is on securing fair compensation for injuries and protecting rights through strategic defense.

Traffic Violations
From minor traffic infractions to severe violations, our firm provides legal advice and representation in cases involving speeding, reckless driving, and other traffic-related offenses, offering strategies to mitigate fines and other consequences.

Sexual Offenses & Abuse
Our firm provides specialized legal representation for individuals accused of sexual offenses and victims of sexual abuse, ensuring their rights are protected and perpetrators are held accountable, while safeguarding our clients' privacy and dignity.

Medical Malpractice
We specialise in medical malpractice claims, advocating for patients who have suffered due to negligence or errors by healthcare professionals. Our legal team is committed to securing compensation that reflects the severity of the harm and the impact on your life.

Our firm offers skilled legal representation for individuals involved in defamation cases, whether as plaintiffs or defendants. We navigate the complexities of defamation law in the UAE, providing strategic counsel to protect our clients' rights and interests. From assessing the merits of defamation claims to crafting effective defense strategies, we strive to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. Whether it's resolving disputes through negotiation or representing clients in court, we are dedicated to safeguarding their reputation and achieving justice.