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Employment and Immigration Law

In the ever-evolving realms of employment and immigration law, having reliable legal support is crucial. At NYK Law Firm, we offer personalised consultation and representation regarding employment disputes and issues relating to immigration. From contract negotiation to HR policy compliance and dispute resolution, our team provides straightforward guidance to protect our clients' interests and ensure legal compliance.


Employment Contract Drafting, Negotiation, and Reviewing
Our experienced lawyers specialise in drafting and negotiating employment contracts, collective bargaining agreements, and other labor-related agreements. We ensure that contractual terms uphold our clients' rights and interests, offering comprehensive protection in labor relations.

HR Policies and Compliance
Our legal team assists companies in developing and reviewing workplace policies to ensure compliance with the latest labor laws and industry standards. From employee benefits to working hours, we provide guidance on various employment issues to foster a compliant and productive work environment.

Alternate Dispute Resolution
We represent clients in mediation and alternate dispute resolution processes, employing effective communication and negotiation strategies to settle conflicts amicably and efficiently

Employment Litigation
In cases where disputes escalate, our firm handles all aspects of employment-related litigation, including legal claims, wage disputes, wrongful termination, EOSB settlement, and breach of non-competition agreements, ensuring robust representation in court proceedings. We assist and represent clients before various government bodies such as MOHRE, free zone authorities and common law courts including ADGM and DIFC.

Administrative Proceedings
Our team advocates for clients before government ministries and agencies, facilitating administrative procedures and addressing labor issues with entities such as MOHRE and Tasheel to ensure swift and effective resolution.

Training Programs
We conduct regular training sessions for employees and employers to enhance awareness of labour regulations, policies, and best practices. Through these programs, we aim to mitigate the risk of disputes and foster a harmonious work environment conducive to productivity and compliance