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Commercial Law

The commercial sector is dynamic and diverse, involving a wide range of economic activities and transactions governed by legal frameworks aimed at promoting fair competition, protecting consumer rights, and facilitating commerce both domestically and internationally.

We at NYK Law firm are well-equipped to guide you through every step of the process starting from drafting agreements to navigating you through litigation. We have a strong client relationship based on trust, open communication, and personalised attention and we are committed to tailoring our services to meet your specific needs.

Our service under the Commercial sector encompasses various aspects of commercial activities, transactions, and relationships, addressing legal rights, obligations, and risks for businesses, consumers, and other stakeholders involved in commercial transactions.


International Trade & Trading Disputes
As a result of globalised business environment in UAE, trading disputes often reflects the complexity of international trade transactions and the diverse range of goods and services traded across borders.
The legal framework governing international trade transactions involves the understanding of trade agreements, import/export controls, treaties, customs regulations, rules of origin, trade remedies (e.g., antidumping duties, countervailing duties), and trade facilitation measures and trade practices. Accordingly, we provide expert assistance in the drafting and review of a wide range of commercial agreements including but not limited to Sale and Purchase agreements, distribution & agency agreements, Letter of Credit (LC), Relevant Service Contracts, the drafting of Terms and Conditions for Sales or Services, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), Commercial Loan Agreements, Licensing Agreement, Agency and Supply Agreements etc.
Also, we assist our clients in enforcing these trade agreements, contracts, and commercial arrangements that are the subject of the dispute. The general legal remedies available for breach of contract, non-performance, liquidated damages, delay penalty, failure to deliver goods or services, non-payment, quality disputes and other contractual violations, are seeking damages, specific performance, or other appropriate relief.
We also provide advisory services for our clients on customs regulations, import/export controls, trade compliance requirements, incoterms and documentation obligations.

Debt Recovery
Our lawyers with hands-on experience in debt recovery provide comprehensive legal services to creditors and debtors alike, helping them navigate the complexities of debt collection, negotiate favorable outcomes, and pursue legal remedies to recover outstanding debts while ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
We advise our clients on effective debt collection strategies, assist in drafting and serving demand letters and legal notices and engage in negotiations for payment plans, debt restructuring arrangements, and settlements.

Trade and Commodities
Our lawyers specializing in commodities law offer comprehensive legal services to clients engaged in the trading, marketing, and regulation of commodities and commodity-related transactions in the highly regulated commodities markets. Our Legal assistance includes regulatory compliance, drafting and negotiating commodity trading agreements and Derivatives and Futures Contracts and dispute resolution

Franchise & Dealership
Our lawyers specializing in Commercial Sector provide strategic legal advice, transactional support, dispute resolution services, and compliance assistance to clients, franchisors, franchisees, dealers, manufacturers, and distributors involved in franchise and dealership arrangements, helping them achieve their business objectives while mitigating legal risks and ensuring regulatory compliance.
We provide assistance in preparing disclosure documents and ensuring compliance with the relevant laws, drafting and negotiation of franchise agreements, dispute resolution and address key provisions related to territory rights, fees, royalties, intellectual property, training, support, renewal options, non-compete obligations and termination rights.

Negotiable Instruments
Negotiable instruments or Commercial papers including bills of exchange, promissory notes, bearer instruments, cheques and other papers drawn for commercial transactions are highly regulated instruments. We provides expert legal advice and guidance on these instruments including their formation, negotiation, enforcement, and legal implications for dishonor or non-payment.
UAE legal framework provide swift and efficient mechanisms for creditors to recover their dues including cheque execution proceedings. We help the clients in utilizing these procedures to expedite the process of debt recovery.

Consumer Protection & Rights
We at NYK, have the expertise of lawyers specialising in consumer protection and offers a range of legal services aimed at safeguarding consumers' interests, enforcing consumer protection laws, and promoting fair and ethical business practices in the marketplace.

Our team have the experience in representing consumers in matters involving deceptive advertising, defective products, unfair billing practices, fraud, breach of contract, unfair trade practices, product liability, warranties, refunds or other consumer-related grievances. We also help consumers to seek collective redress for common legal claims, such as product defects, data breaches, or consumer fraud by way of class action lawsuits.

We also provide advisory services to businesses on compliance with consumer protection laws and regulations to prevent legal disputes and regulatory enforcement actions. Attorneys assist businesses in developing compliance programs, policies, and practices that ensure fair and transparent dealings with consumers and mitigate the risk of legal liability.

Sale & Purchase of Movable Properties
We offer comprehensive legal assistance to individuals, businesses, and other entities involved in transactions of ale and purchase of movable properties. The sale and purchase of movable properties involve legal considerations related to contract formation, title transfer, delivery, payment, warranties, risk allocation, and compliance with legal formalities to ensure a valid and enforceable transaction between the parties involved. The law firm offers initial consultations to clients seeking guidance on such transactions and addresses key issues such as contract negotiation, due diligence, regulatory compliance, and risk management.

Further legal assistance involves assisting the clients in drafting and reviewing contracts and conducting legal due diligence related to the sale and purchase of movable properties.